Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Boston Bombing: My First Clues That It Was a Staged Event

Like most Americans, I was riveted to the television screen during the coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013.

When I saw the now-famous images of Jeff Bauman being whisked away in a wheel chair, my first thought was, why is there no pain registered on his face, and my second thought was, why are they showing his severed limbs on national television.

In 50+ years, I'd never seen mainstream media purposely allow such explicit blood and gore on national television.  Until then, their well-established policy was to black out any particularly gory scenes for the sake of children or queasy adults who may be watching.  I could understand such scenes being accidentally shown during a live broadcast, but I was not watching a live broadcast.  I was watching the news several hours after the incident. At the time, I assumed the bombing was real, so I just chalked it up to a strange anomaly.

At the time I was watching the news about this tragedy, the suspects were still at large.  I remember that journalists were "live broadcasting" on the streets of Boston, giving us as much information as they had about the police hunt.  I distinctly remember them saying repeatedly that the police had cordoned off an unusually large section of a neighborhood, and therefore it was impossible to get within even miles of the police activity.  The significance of that little tidbit would not be known to me until years later.  I eventually discovered, through my research, that it's typical of government-staged events to keep the prying journalists and public as far away as possible from the police activity, so nobody can get video shots of them sitting around drinking coffee and eating donuts until the time is right to tell the public that the "suspects" were apprehended, and then trot out the perps/actors.

Back to mainstream media's sudden change of their long-standing policy not to show detailed blood and gore on national news, when I was doing my research, I learned that, not only was the entire bombing staged by the government, the actor, Jeff Bauman, with the severed limbs most likely could not and would not have survived with those injuries, let alone be fully conscious and register no significant pain on his face.  Additionally, the fact that mainstream media purposely allowed these gory images to remain on their news broadcasts--unlike anything they've done before--convinced me that mainstream media, at least at a high level, was complicit in the charade.

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