Monday, July 18, 2016

Sandy Hook: Noah Pozner's Official "Death Certificate" Published

Here's an interesting article which includes a copy of Noah Pozner's death certificate, reportedly supplied by his father, Lenny Pozner, to prove to skeptics that his son, Noah, really did die at Sandy Hook.

I don't doubt that the death certificate is authentic, that the signatures are real, and that it was issued by the State of Connecticut.  The only problem is...if the skeptics are right (and they are), and Sandy Hook was a government-staged event (and it was), then it's not worth the paper it's written on.  If a government is willing to go so far as to stage a mass shooting and report it to the world as real, a fake death certificate is just another piece of paper for the classified government files.

And why cover the social security number?  If the poor child is dead, he won't be needing it.  And if his death was properly reported to the Social Security Administration, it theoretically can't be used anytime soon for nefarious purposes by other individuals.  And of course there are services such as LifeLock, if you're really worried about your deceased son's SSN being used illegally.

Of course, making the social security number public doesn't make a government-staged shooting any more real, but it would require an even wider swath of treasonous government involvement via the Social Security Administration.


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