Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Patrolling "Patrolling Sandy Hook"

In this video, the film producers of "Patrolling Sandy Hook", reportedly an anti-"truther" propaganda film, winner of several small film awards, and currently being debuted in small theater settings across the country, are seen answering audience questions during one of their film showings.

According to Wolfgang Halbig, who was interviewed by the college students/producers during the production of the film, the two students asked unusual questions regarding his Sandy Hook "truther" website:  who he worked with in producing the site, who his "truther" colleagues were, and the like.

Also according to Halbig, the students received financing for the film from a Dr. Jeff Goudreau of Dallas, Texas, who was involved in the national Ebola crisis/story of 2014.

So why would Dr. Jeff Goudreau of Ebola fame be financing a Sandy Hook anti-"truther" film?  Does this help explain why Bob Simon, the renowned CBS journalist, died in a freak car accident while covering the Ebola story?

You decide.

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