Monday, July 11, 2016

Sandy Hook: Robbie (Robby) Parker Busted

Study the pictures below carefully. The pictures on the left are of "Robbie Parker," the alleged parent of Emilie Parker, who was supposedly murdered at Sandy Hook. As you may recall, it was reported widely by mainstream media that Robbie Parker was a Physician's Assistant, who moved his family from Utah to Newtown, CT in the months prior to the shooting.


The pictures on the right are of a Robby Parker (notice the difference in spelling) on a current LinkedIn profile page.  In the LinkedIn profile, however, Robby Parker, also from Utah, is an engineer, not a Physician's Assistant:


Now study the photos carefully:  same hairline, same nose, same indentations between the mouth and chin, and same crooked teeth.  His ear in the LinkedIn profile may have been Photoshopped, as it doesn't seem to match the ears in the other pictures; however, the ears may look different due to bad lighting or focus.  You can search on the Internet for more pictures of "Robbie Parker" and study his face as much as you'd like.  I'm confident that it's him.

Other logical reasons why it's probably him:
  • What are the odds that a Robbie Parker from Utah and a Robby Parker from Utah, both with the same facial features, are not the same person?
  • Why would an engineer do a semi-side shot for their resume/LinkedIn profile?  That angle is usually reserved for more glamorous industries, such as modelling or acting.  I think the semi-side shot is to avoid facial recognition software comparisons by nosy people like me.  
Now that we've established that it's probably him, take a look at where he was working at the time of the Sandy Hook shooting:

As you can see, he was working for a company called SpotterRF.  This company makes radar surveillance products for governments, military, and corporations.  They have ties with both the CIA and the DHS:

The second link is a paid subscription, so I'll show its Google cached information:

These are the very same organizations--DHS and CIA--that independent journalists have been saying all along are behind the Sandy Hook and the other staged shooting events.

Now why would a seemingly nice, upstanding young man like Robby Parker get involved in something so anti-American as a fake shooting?  The same reason Edward Snowden got involved in something anti-American--by having a top secret clearance.  If Robby Parker was working with government clients while working at SpotterRF, he likely would have had to have a security clearance.

Once you've got that level of clearance, you've pretty much signed your life away.  If you tell anyone about the covert operation you're involved in, you risk many decades of prison or even assassination.   If you've been following the Ed Snowden story, I don't have to tell you what he's been through for blowing the whistle on the illegal activities at the NSA.  He's lucky to be alive (so far).

This is just one way the Feds can get so many people to cooperate with the staged events AND keep their mouth shut for many decades.  We've seen these well-kept secrets over and over again through declassified documents made available via the Freedom of Information Act.

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